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Project Partner


GIZ is a German Development Cooperation that promotes the Improved Cook Stove (ICS) and undertook a project ‘Market Development Initiative for Bondhu Chula’ with Bangladesh Climate Change Trust (BCCT) in 2012-2014. Energising Development (EnDev) of GIZ and BCCT jointly financed the project. The aim of the project was to create entrepreneurs who could produce, sell and install Bondhu Chula as a part of their business. These entrepreneurs are mostly sanitary shop owners and masons. Under this project, 5000 entrepreneurs have been developed and 500,000 Bondhu Chulas have been installed. For implementing the Bondhu Chula Program, EnDev established a country-wide infrastructure with around 200 offices engaging 500 regular staffs and around 1000 part-time staffs. This infrastructure has been handed over to Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation (BONDHU). BBF has been implementing the Bondhu Chula activities on behalf of GIZ-EnDev. After the establishment of BBF, BCCT approved the second phase of the project ‘Market Development Initiative for Bondhu Chula’. Under this new phase, 400,000 Bondhu Chulas are expected to be installed from 01 July 2015 to 31 December 2016. This project is also being implemented jointly by DoE and GIZ (through BBF). Now we have more than 6000 entrepreneurs all over Bangladesh.


Ecoeye is an unrivaled carbon credit provider based in Seoul, Korea. With over fifteen years of experience, our team is highly skilled in emission reduction project development, carbon trading, ETS advisory as well as market analysis focusing on domestic trends. Since the launch of the Korea Emission Trading Scheme in January 2015, we have been taking initiatives in developing and promoting international offset credits in cooperation with our diverse set of local and global partners. While assisting compliance entities to establish strategic measures in meeting their ETS targets, we also advise and make suggestions to the government in operating ETS-related policies and regulations to meet the NDC target cost-effectively. Ecoeye aims to provide effective, practical and sustainable solutions for and with all our partners and clients all over the world.

SK Securities

SK Securities is a South Korea-based financial service provider that specializes in the securities market. It primarily engaged in securities brokerage, dealing and underwriting businesses, covering stocks, futures, options, government bonds, corporate bonds, foreign exchanges, and financial derivative products. The company is also involved in the investment banking business, which provides acquisition, project financing services, and wealth management services. SK Securities was founded in 1955.


Firmly built on its world-class power plant construction and operation technology, Korea Midland Power supplies high quality, stable power through thermal power generation (coal, LNG, heavy oil), wind power generation, solar energy, SRF, and fuel cell power generation. In order to deliver cleaner and healthier energy to the public, Korea Midland Power has replaced the environmental monitoring facilities of its thermal power plants with the world’s top standards and operates safe power plants preventing any concerns about particulates and environmental pollution. It is leading the way for the drive towards energy transformation in Korea through the continued development of a wide variety of renewable energy sources.


A meeting was held between LGED (Local Government Engineering Department) and Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation on 1 November 2020 at LGED Office in Dhaka. It was the first working meeting after signing the agreement with LGED in January 2020. The meeting was chaired by Engineer Gopal Krishna Debnath, Superintending Engineer (Planning & Research), LGED. Dr. Engineer Khalequzzaman, Program Manager, Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation was also the key discussant in the meeting. An informative PowerPoint presentation on Bondhu Chula Program was presented by Md. Murtoja, Project Engineer, Bondhu Chula Program, SRI Unit, and LGED. The MoU was signed between LGED and Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation (BONDHU) on 16 January 2020. An agreement is being signed between the Bondhu Chula User and Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation. All the information is inserted in the database through the mobile apps with the signature of the Bondhu Chula users. - Dr. Engineer Khalequzzaman mentioned that Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation has a Bondhu Chula Doctor who is responsible for the maintenance of Bondhu Chula at the field level. A decision has been made that Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation will provide different study reports to LGED. A motivational documentary on using Bondhu Chula is shown through the projector. After the projector show, an open discussion is held with the villagers, where different issues regarding Bondhu Chula are discussed. Expectations from LGED: Dr. Engineer Khalequzzaman mentioned that Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation expects cordial cooperation from LGED for the promotion of Bondhu Chula. Upazila Nirbahi Officer and Upazila LGED Engineer could help in this regard and they can ask the Upazila Chairman and Members in the Upazila Development and Coordination Meeting to inspire about the Bondhu Chula. Engineer Gopal Krishna Debnath suggested that Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation may also communicate with the Additional Divisional Engineer of LGED and share the information about Bondhu Chula with them at the district and divisional levels.


BCCT (Bangladesh Climate Change Trust) and GIZ (German Development Co-operation) undertook a project titled ‘Market Development Initiative for Bondhu Chula’. The aim of the project was to create 5000 entrepreneurs, who could produce, sell and install Bondhu Chula as a part of their business. The project was successfully implemented by DoE and GIZ and was completed on 31st March 2014. After the establishment of BBF, BCCT approved the second phase of the project ‘Market Development Initiative for Bondhu Chula’. Under this new phase, 400,000 Bondhu Chula’s are expected to be installed during the period from 01 July 2015 to 31 December 2016. This project was successfully completed by DoE and GIZ, which is being implemented by BBF (Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation).


Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation (BONDHU) and VNV Advisory Services are going to jointly implement a program titled "Solar Pumping System for Drinking Water Supply Plant" in Bangladesh under the Gold Standard project. The objective of the project is to provide safe drinking water to the people in the coastal areas of Bangladesh who are at risk of climate change. To this end, the wastewater plant already set up by GIZ will be repaired and new plants will be set up. The project will be registered with the Gold Standard and the universal goal of the Gold Standard will contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.