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Upcoming Project


Bangladesh has 2.53 million ha. (Hectare) forestland which is 17.5% of the land area of the country. The forests of Bangladesh are facing a great threat of deforestation. Thus, restoration of the degraded forests, proper protection and large-scale plantation is very important to achieve the desirable limit of tree coverage of 25% of the land area of a country. Under the background mentioned above, Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation (BONDHU) intends to work in the forestry sector of Bangladesh. The project design and implementation will be done in close cooperation with Bangladesh Forest Department. The source of financing will be carbon-offsets revenue from the voluntary / REDD+ market. The following projects are planned: A. Pilot project mangrove afforestation project A pilot mangrove afforestation project of around 5000 ha. in coastal char areas of Bangladesh will be undertaken under this project. Discussion with Bangladesh Forest Department regarding site selection and species selection for plantation is at the final stage. Possible project sites are char areas of Noakhali, Patuakhali, Bhola and Barishal This project is going to start shortly. B. Large scale mangrove afforestation project Based on the experience of the pilot project, a large-scale mangrove afforestation project covering 20,000-40,000 ha. is being planned. The large-scale mangrove afforestation project is expected to launch in 2021/2022. C. Conservation of Sundarbans BONDHU is very keen to contribute to the conservation of the Sundarbans. BONDHU is planning a project on the conservation of Sundarbans. This project will have components regarding community involvement. Possible project site: Sundarbans (Khulna, Bagerhat and Satkhira) The project is expected to start in 2021. D. Conservation of Hilly and Plainland Forest BONDHU intends to contribute to the conservation of forests of hilly areas of the Chattogram region and plainlands of the Bhawal, Madhupur, and Dinajpur regions. This project will focus on reforestation and assisted natural regeneration of degraded forest lands. The proposed plantation species will be native to the respective forests. This project is expected to launch in 2021.