Shikkha Bondhu Bati- Education Friendly Solar Light

(Students with Shikkha Bondhu Bati in Hatibandha Upazila)

Bangladesh Climate Change Trust, GIZ and Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation jointly initiated the project named “Promoting Education Friendly Solar Light (Shikkha Bondhu Bati) as Green Technology in Education Sector (Off-grid areas in Bangladesh)”.  Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation implemented the project. Under the project, there are 14 upazilas of 8 districts of Bangladesh- Charfassion, Bhandaria, Dashmina, Galachipa, Hatibandha, Patgram, Biswamvarpur, Tahirpur, Sonagazi, Debhata, Tala, Shyamnagar, Koyra and Dacope. 20,660 solar lamp-sets were distributed among the students. In each set of light, there are two lamps- one main lamp (200 lumen) and an additional lamp (50 lumen). Moreover, all types of mobile phone can be charged from the main light through charger cable. These lamps are certified by Global Lightning and enlisted in GIZ-program. At the beginning of this project, schools of the selected upazilas were selected by Education Officers of respective upazilas under the guidance of UNOs. And the students were selected by the school management committees. In every Upazila, an inauguration ceremony and union-wise light distribution programs were held. Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation distributed the lamp sets among students and representatives of BCCT, upazila parishads, UNOs and Education Officers were present in most cases. During the distribution, training on the proper use of lamp sets were given to the user students. Among all the programs, the inauguration programs in Bhandaria and Charfassion are mentionable. Honorable Minister Anwar Hossain Manju was present in Bhandaria and Honorable Deputy Minister Abdullah Al Islam Jacob was present in Charfassion. All the works of the project including lamp distribution were concluded on 14th August, 2018. Our best wishes will be always with the students who are having the benefits of Shikkha Bondhu Bati.

Distributed Solar home system in the social institutions


BBF installed Solar Home Systems for lighting to 408 social institutions (cyclone shelters, schools, colleges, madrasas, mondirs and mosques) in the coastal and energy hungry areas of the country. The program was funded by GIZ and implemented by BBF


Distributed Solar lamp among students


BBF distributed solar powered lamp among poor meritorious 500 Students of class VI from 50 sub-districts of 23 districts. This GIZ supported project started in middle of May, 2014 and completed within 10 June, 2014

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Distributed Solar lamp among students